Registrar of Community Housing

Performance Reports

NSW Tier 1 & 2 Performance Report - 2020

NSW Tier 3 Performance Report - 2020

The NSW Tier 3 Performance Report provides insights on regulatory performance, trends and patterns in the Tier 3 community housing sector (as of February 2020).

1. Registrar's Overview
2. National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH)
3. Regulatory Engagement, Segmentation and Behaviour
4. Pilot Segmentation of Tier 3 CHPs
5. Tier 3 Financial Viability

Financial Viability Implications for Community Housing Providers - COVID-19 

The Financial Viability for Community Housing Providers (CHPs) - COVID-19 considers the implications on the short term viability of the community housing sector as a result of the potential loss of rent revenue due to COVID-19.