Registrar of Community Housing


The Registrar has a number of functions under the Community Housing Providers (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012 (NSW); to provide information to the community, to share information with other jurisdictions and provide information and advice to the Minister and the NSW Housing Agency on the administration of the regulatory system.

The Registrar fulfils these functions through a range of reporting tools including by publishing campaign reports and public statements of performance.

The Registrar conducts regular ‘campaigns’ on performance issues that appear to be common across the sector and in which the Registrar needs to form a position for guidance to the local jurisdiction. Campaigns assist the sector to proactively respond to emerging regulatory issues and as well as for other Registrars to consider adjustments to national guidance.

Campaigns also allow the Registrar to focus analytical and/or compliance effort and portray a snapshot of an area of performance at a point in time. Reports of this nature are not intended to be definitive or enduring.

As part of our engagement and monitoring role, the Registrar has an open invitation for written input on the findings of these studies.