Registrar of Community Housing


To assist the sustainability and viability of the community housing sector to the benefit of the people of NSW, the Registrar seeks to encourage businesses to pursue best practice in governance, tenant services, asset management, probity, business management, community engagement and financial viability. As a preference, the Registrar seeks to encourage and support best practice. Where necessary, the Registrar may focus on non-compliance and investigate and take enforcement action to protect tenants and the viability of the sector.

The ongoing regulation of the registered community housing sector is managed through risk-based compliance promotion and assessment, to ensure that registered community housing providers maintain performance in accordance with the National Regulatory Code.

All providers registered under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing (NRSCH) must comply with the National Regulatory Code contained in the Community Housing Providers National Law.

The Registrar actively monitors compliance by registered providers. This involves a combination of periodic formal compliance assessments (which occur annually for the larger providers, and once every two years for small providers) and ad hoc compliance assessments that may be triggered by complaints, notifications and other intelligence received by the Registrar. Registered providers are expected to monitor their own compliance with the National Regulatory Code and notify the Registrar if any non-compliance is suspected or detected or if there is a significant change to their operations.