Registrar of Community Housing

Our Regulatory Approach

The NSW Registrar of Community Housing monitors business performance in a largely self-regulating scheme. Hence the regulatory approach is to provide registration and performance intelligence services for providers, their representative bodies, tenants, housing agencies, and the government.

To assist the sustainability and viability of the community housing sector to the benefit of the people of NSW, the Registrar seeks to encourage businesses to pursue best practice in governance, tenant services, asset management, probity, business management, community engagement and financial viability. As a preference, the Registrar seeks to encourage and support best practice. Where necessary, the Registrar may focus on non-compliance and investigate and take enforcement action to protect tenants and the viability of the sector.

Our approach is based on assessing the levels of behaviour and acting proactively to shift providers to best practice as shown in the following figure: Our Approach

Behaviours and motivation

Our Engagement Model

The triggers and policies behind our various levels of engagement are consistent nationally and enacted by the Registrar through national policy documentation available at: