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In early 2010, the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) engaged the Registrar of Community Housing to establish and implement the Provider Assessment and Registration System (PARS). PARS is the registration system for Aboriginal community housing providers in NSW and is a core component of the Build and Grow Aboriginal Community Housing Strategy. It is one of the registration pathways for Aboriginal organisations providing community housing.

The system has been modelled on the Regulatory Code for Community Housing Providers and on the NSW Standards for Governance and Management of Aboriginal Housing (a copy of the standards can be found on the AHO website).

The Registrar's PARS team is responsible for undertaking registration assessments of Aboriginal community housing providers and making recommendations to the Chief Executive of the AHO on whether a provider should be approved, not approved. The Chief Executive is responsible for decisions about registration.

Under Part 5 of the Aboriginal Housing Act 1998 (NSW) eligible organisations may apply to the AHO for registration with the form and manner of application to be determined by the AHO. The AHO may register an organisation providing it is satisfied that the organisation concerned:

(a) provides, or proposes to provide, housing or housing related services for Aboriginal people or Torres Strait Islanders; and
(b) is, having regard to such matters as may be determined by the AHO, suitable to be registered.

Under Part 3 of the Act the AHO may only give funding to registered organisations.

Performance Review

After registration, PARS providers go through periodicperformance reviews. The first of these reviews will be conducted in 2014.

Performance review focuses on assessing the performance of PARS providers based on the outcomesof their initial registration assessment or their last performance assessment. It ensures that they continue to meet the requirements for registration.

The policy, procedures and requirements are explained in the following documents: Provider Assessment and Registration System (PARS) Performance Review Framework and the PARS Performance Review Guide for Aboriginal Community Housing Providers.

These documents will be available for viewing and download at the AHO and RCH web sites in June 2014.

Performance Review Guidance Notes

With the completion of the AHO’s Capacity Building and Business Development, it is the AHO’s expectation that approved ACHP’s will demonstrate that they "Meet" the PARS performance requirements.

Assessment findings will no longer include the outcome "Capacity to Meet". ACHP’s performance will be assessed as "Meet" or "Does Not Meet".

Recommendations will still be made where the ACHP is in substantial compliance with the PARS performance requirements, but has areas of performance that require action to maintain or demonstrate it fully meets the PARS performance requirements.

Recommendations are made to guide the ACHP in its efforts to remedy issues prior to the next scheduled PPR. The Registrar will rely on the making recommendations only where the service improvement required or non-performance is not severe in its consequence, is amenable to early action to remedy, and where the provider has demonstrated the intent and capacity to rectify areas for service improvement.

Typically, the ACHP’s response to recommendations will be assessed on the next scheduled PPR.

For information on how to meet the PARS performance requirements, please refer to the PARS Guide for Aboriginal Community Housing Providers (March 2010), the PARS Performance Review Guide (June 2014). Further, the Registrar’s office has published Guidance Notes on the PARS page under Publications and Forms based on the AHO’s guides. 

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